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Demo Videos

How to Use LiftVest Correctly

Side Lift

Lifter stands beside person being lifted with feet apart (one foot slightly in front of person to be lifted) with each hand placed on separate horizontal belts (waist belt or chest belt). FRONT AND BACK This spreads the pressure over the entire torso. Lifter shifts weight from back foot to front foot during lift.

Front Lift

Lifter grasps front vertical straps, and, keeping arms straight, step backward using the lifter’s weight as a counter-balance to the weight of the person being lifted.

Back Lift

For more serious mobility problems Lifter stands on side and grabs the two back belts in each hand and lifts up and forward keeping elbows close to body since you will be lifting more weight.


When a person slumps in a chair, straightening them can be quite difficult and ordinarily requires two people. With the LiftVest, a single lifter can complete the process alone. Simply lean the person forward and reverse the technique used in the Side Lift.

How Can the LiftVest Help the Caregiver?

  • Makes wheelchair transfers easier, faster and safer
  • Prevents back injuries
  • Allows caregiver to find the best position for lifting
  • Facilitates quick, effortless positioning
  • Secure walking aid
  • Essential for emergency evacuations
  • Won’t slip like a gait belt
  • Easy pick-up from the floor
  • Takes only 2 minutes to train in the proper use

How Can the LiftVest Help the Wearer?

  • Wheelchair transfers are more dignified with less fumbling and pulling
  • Prevents bruising and shoulder injuries
  • Spreads lifting pressure evenly over the whole torso
  • Makes travel more civilized with dignity
  • Is a secure walking aid
  • Avoids undesirable touching
  • Will not slip when secured properly

LiftVest vs. Gait Belt