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For Healthcare Providers

With the LiftVest, you can reduce your risk of injury, and the risk of injury to your patients.

LiftVest is a lifting harness and transfer vest that is worn like clothing. It’s more secure and comfortable than the Gait Belt and more portable and convenient than the Hoyer Lift. The webbing harness and multiple handles make it easy to lift, transfer, or reposition disabled, special education, and semi-ambulatory patients of all ages, sizes, and ailments, including children.  As a healthcare worker or administrator, you know that chronic back pain is a common problem that results from patient-handling tasks.

Here’s how LiftVests minimize your risk of injury and provide more comfortable support for your patients:  

  • LiftVests promote better lifting techniques and distribute pressure evenly over the entire torso. 
  • They’re simple to use, with numerous handles that allow lifting from different angles. 
  • They’re secure, reducing the risk of slipping or dropping patients, which occur more commonly with Gait Belts. 
  • They’re nimble, unlike the Hoyer Lift, which is difficult to maneuver into tight spaces.  
  • LiftVests are quick and ready in seconds in the event of immediate transfers and emergencies.

Countless healthcare facilities around the country have added LiftVest to their toolkit. Shouldn’t you? Buy an assortment for your patients today.