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LiftVest at Home

LiftVest at Home

In your home… At the office… For your car… In any situation… LiftVest makes transfers easier, faster, safer and more dignified.

During our 30 day trial, your LiftVest will become the one piece of clothing you won’t leave home without. From everyday life to emergency situations, LiftVest gives handicapped people the safety and freedom that other transfer devices lack.

Benefits for the Wearer

Dignity – Convenient handles avoid undesirable contact and fumbling associated with other methods.
Comfort – Patented design spreads the lifting pressure evenly over the whole torso.
Security – High-strength webbing harness secures upper body and prevents injuries.
Portability – Can be worn all day or folded and carried for use anytime.
Stylish – Looks like clothing not medical equipment.

Benefits for the Caregiver

Simplicity – Allows lifting from any direction; front, back or side.
Safety – Promotes better lifting techniques and prevents back injuries.
Grace – Prevents grasping, clutching and slipping common with other
transfer methods
Ease – Anyone can learn to use in less than 2 minutes.